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Red Velvet are just too cute for this world! All the girls are simply gorgeous and it’s nice to see how they’re trying to spread “happiness” around dealing with tricky situations. Everything we need is a bit of fun trying to escape from the ugliness of the world without forgetting what is happening around us! I really enjoy this song! Peace x

tophee for reebok

mysteriouschocolate: Oh ma dai! Uno dei miei tumblr preferiti è di un italiano! /random si

Heeey lady, lusingato! Pochi, ma buoni e ci siamo!

geeluxe: ciao, i know i had stated before that you were a fellow italian, but i'm curious as to if you have ever visited sicily? silly question to ask, but i had to ask it all the same. *^*

Oooh, this is amazing and yes, I’ve visited Sicily many times tbh it’s a very beautiful country with gorgeous seascapes! Two dear friends of mine live there so I can say Sicily has also nice people! x

Anonymous: Where are u from?

Rome x

choi seunghyun and ahn sohee

lee chaerin

lee chaerin

kwon jiyong

46/ edits of g-dragon

kwon jiyong


I've reached 3000+ followers and decided on making a follow forever! I will list the blogs I personally love and wouldn't be able to live without cause I need them on my dash in order to survive and they bring so much joy (๑◕ฺ‿ฺ◕ฺ๑)

I love all my followers without you guys this blog with meaningless gifs and edits would be even more meaningless. those listed below are blogs I've followed for a long time and recommend others to follow as well~!

clxssact // twoneofakind // classifiedclover // no-8 // cutebubblyvip // ji-daddy // koreanghetto // kuro-shiroi // mint-hint // panda-smack // yghigh // daesng // shabbitable // ygfamilyy

thanks for being such great blogs that cheer me up daily when I decide to come around. megasupahhwaiting!

Congrats on your goal noona! You deserve moooore followers ‘coz you’re amazing! Stay awesome, I love you so much x

choi seunghyun

Anonymous: I hate CL

not a single fuck was given