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roses are red
violets are blue
2ne1 is the best
fuck you

I love minho solo

dong youngbae

kwon jiyong

big bang - monster | song lyrics

choi seunghyun

kwon jiyong

dong youngbae

kwon jiyong

kwon jiyong

WINNER MVs are amazing, I’ll do some edits after 20th august, I promise guys!


Hey guys! So since I reached 8,000 followers and since BB’s anniversary is coming up and WINNER debuted I decided to make my 3rd follow forever (I think). There’s not much to say really, just know that you’re all fucking amazing and you deserve cookies and hugs and I just love you okay <3.

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congrats on your goal babe you deserve way more! You’re amazing, stay awesome! Luv ya x

dong youngbae

Secret noonas are too sexy in their new MV.
I love the concept, I love the choreo and the song is so addicting!